Tirranna Public School

Integrity Leadership Aspiration

Telephone02 4821 4645


About our school

Tirranna Public School is a small school with a strong community focus. It serves a mixed rural and urban community. All students travel to school by bus or car.

Our school provides a safe, caring and happy educational environment where students learn and develop as individuals. Students, parents and staff work together to enhance the learning experience of all students. The students of Tirranna Public School display a strong interest in music, the arts and sport. Students are encouraged to accept challenges in a positive way and to meet those challenges with determination and conviction.

The school aims to foster an understanding and appreciation of people from different social, cultural and ethnic groups, developing tolerance and concern for the rights and beliefs of others. We also believe in developing in students an understanding of themselves as individuals and an appreciation of their worth as members of society and foster attitudes and skills which will encourage creativity, adaptability, initiative, self-reliance and self discipline.

Download our Parent Information Handbook for more information about our school.